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About food

About the glycemic index and glycemic control weight loss –

Extensive GI value tables -

Explanations of how GI control diets work

Scientific study validates GI control to lose weight -

Why low calorie diets don’t work -

About gluten intolerance and celiac disease -

Health Professionals and Services

Physicians who “believe in” food allergies (MD, DO)
American Academy of Environmental Medicine –


Diagnostic laboratories which do blood tests for food allergies

Optimal Health Resource Laboratories –
(This test can be self-ordered and self-administered).

Immuno Laboratories –


Nutritionists with an alternative emphasis

International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists –


Hypoallergenic Supplements and Other Aids for Weight Loss

N.E.E.D.S. –

Professional Supplement Center –
Allergy Research Group cassava-source unbuffered vitamin C for baking
Supplements that help with blood sugar control

The Tea Spot -
Take advantage of the anti-inflammatory and weight loss promoting effects of tea - especially green tea - without allergic problems. I have reacted to some types and brands of tea but later learned that the equipment used to process one brand of tea was lubricated with soy lecithin. The Tea Spot’s processing is “clean”

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