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What We Eat

Conventional medicine teaches that how much we eat and exercise determines weight, but the calories-in minus calories-out model does not “fit” with real-life experience. What you eat (as in keeping most carbohydrates low-GI), what foods you eat together, and when you eat are more important than how much you eat for determining whether or not your body stores fat. Eating foods in the right combination when YOUR body needs them (not on a dictated schedule) is the key to controlling your hormones. A beautiful, anti-inflammatory pomegranate

In this section of the website you will discover

What’s wrong with conventional weight loss diets and why they usually fail to keep weight off long-term

• How to regain health and lose weight by eating YOUR body’s way in accordance with YOUR allergies or intolerances and your unique physiology

• Why we need carbohydrate foods and how to eat them

• How the glycemic index works as an aid in choosing carbohydrate foods that promote fat burning and weight loss rather than leading to fat storage.

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